First RCF C Grade vessel leaves Cardiff

grade c CardiffOur first RCF C Grade vessel has loaded from our new site located at the port of Cardiff. We recently moved our recycled wood operation to the port of Cardiff, which is located on the north side of the Severn Estuary and within easy reach of the M4 motorway. The port has recently invested heavily in storage solutions and handling equipment to handle over 30,000MT of RCF C Grade which will be exported for recovery in Sweden.

Low and inconsistent quality of RCF C Grade material is a real issue in the UK waste wood business. Many end users in Sweden have experienced issues where producers have been too focused on gate fees rather than the processing of the material and not fully understanding the impact on the whole supply chain.

At our operation in Wales, wood is received from audited EA Licensed suppliers only. Upon arrival at the processing site, the loads are checked and the material is graded. The wood is then manually picked for contaminates before being shredded and then passed over magnets to remove non-ferrous metals. The material is then fed through a screener to remove fine fractions before going through a second screener to ensure the material meets the specification of our customer.

The RCF material is then exported from Cardiff to be used as a base material for the generation of energy by biofuel combustion, to mainly supply heat for their district heating system. We have worked closely with our customer and implemented strict quality assurance guidelines and auditing to ensure our customer is happy with our product and meets the needs of their boiler for maximum efficiency.