Meet the Boss with PROBIO’s Kris




KRIS Baker-Rain isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.

As general manager at Probio Energy, a waste-to-energy company based in Hartlepool, such an attitude may not come as a surprise.

However, the former RBS senior area branch manager, who was charged with overseeing the progress of its banks from Darlington to Berwick, really does know all about mucking in.

He chuckles as he recalls its very definition, recounting experiences of cleaning up drinkers’ excesses in Newcastle’s Grey Street the morning after the night before.

Today, Mr Baker-Rain remains equally hands-on, though nowadays he concentrates on diverting rubbish away from landfill.

Probio is known for providing biomass and waste-to-energy fuels, for helping turn waste wood into panel board or supplying it as a source of power to create steam and energy for factories.

It also helps give natural wood a new lease of life in kitchen tops and bolsters cement production by shredding tyres.

Earlier this year, it announced a deal to export 100,000 tonnes of UK waste to Scandinavia for heating in homes, and is continuing to expand through partnerships with companies including Hartlepool-based recycler, Niramax, and major power firms, such as Eon and Vattenfall.

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